About Tom

Tom Walker is from Pembrokeshire West Wales. Tom’s a fully qualified REPS Level 3 Personal Trainer, with a L3 Strength and Conditioning and Nutrition Advisory Certificate. He also holds several other certificates in Posture analysis & corrective exercises, tri planar kettlebells, pad work and circuit training.

Talking about training and your goals is one thing, Doing it is another. Tom believes there is no quick fix to fitness goals whether they be weight loss, muscle gain, toning or just general fitness, it comes down to hard work and efficient programming. However, he does have a few tricks to make sure you’re going to be successful. Enjoyment is the biggest trick, if you’re not having fun doing it then you’re doing something wrong.

Having recently moved back to the UK from Abu Dhabi, where Tom worked for Hilton Hotels and private clients, he can now be found running around the country side working for a successful boot camp, zipping around his local roads on bike or foot for Pembrokeshire Active or working in Pembrokeshire Bikes helping a range of people from triathletes to diabetics, improving their fitness and work ethic.

Brought up in the countryside of Pembrokeshire and being involved in numerous sports since an early age, Tom’s always enjoyed being fit and active. For the last three years he’s stayed fit and active and been very successful at helping lots of others to do the same.

The thought that fitness can only be achieved in the gym is slowly dying out and Tom is at the forefront of this idea. He firmly believes in functional, efficient fitness, combined with good nutrition. Working with such a wide variety of clients from overweight children, the unmotivated to the extremely motivated and athletes at the top of their game, has shown Tom that the most successful are those who find enjoyment from fitness and appreciate their body.